WTC21 Final: The drama of Day 6


    Some bare imagines for new zealand ,

  • Inam Chaudry
    Inam Chaudry

    Kane Williamson The Legend

  • Yash Shankar
    Yash Shankar


  • Aryan sonet
    Aryan sonet

    Sad for india. But new Zealand deserve this.

  • Anjaneyalu N
    Anjaneyalu N

    Kane Wilamson entry🔥

  • Gowtham gaikwad
    Gowtham gaikwad

    True legend is Kane Williamson.. great player.. Cool and calm player.. his confidence level is awesome.. hats off champ

  • Nimsiya Ramsan
    Nimsiya Ramsan

    Williamson entry super

  • Dhroov Singh
    Dhroov Singh

    Still India is the best🔥🏆 In 2019 wc semi Final & wtc21 Final, NZ defeated us Because climate played a very important role that too at such a point of time where India could'nt bat well in either of those 2 matches cuz rain became a huge factor on the pitches.... whereas NZ played comfortably in both the games! kiwis were just "LUCKY" But at last Result is what actually matters! We did'nt make it now, But mark my words "1 DAY, INDIA WILL MAKE IT"

    • Dhroov Singh
      Dhroov Singh

      @Vedant Manjrekar last mein maine kaha na atlast result matters lekin iss match mein LUCK toh tha hi NZ ka...agar India hoti unki jagah pe phir bhi mai yehi kehta bhai

    • Vedant Manjrekar
      Vedant Manjrekar

      Mehnat sab karte luck bolke insult mat kar

    • Vedant Manjrekar
      Vedant Manjrekar

      Loss loss hota india har gayi man le

  • Dhroov Singh
    Dhroov Singh

    The match was'nt fair "Rain defeated India, NZ was just lucky" -Reality

    • Vedant Manjrekar
      Vedant Manjrekar

      Both had same conditions india kya chota bacha hai jo barish se darta hai


    3:31 Abusing, shouting and sledging the opponent won't win you Trophies. "2 before tea and we will have some fun" People who watched the match live on TV would have heard this from the Stump Mic

  • Parnab Sinha Choudhury
    Parnab Sinha Choudhury

    It was indeed a world class performance by New Zealand in the finals. It seemed that only one team played to win. In the worst of situation New Zealand played to win, sad to say not seen the same from India. Somewhere India lacked the killer instinct they showed in Australia. Can't even say they went down fighting

  • Sameer Gogia
    Sameer Gogia

    2:46 like a movie scene 😍😍

  • Adeel MirZa
    Adeel MirZa


  • Fareeba Mujahid
    Fareeba Mujahid

    India we devide trophy half half nz say 99per nz and 1 per india

  • Ansh Sharma
    Ansh Sharma

    As India is not good in olymics but is is nice and great in cricket. In this field if it is continuously losing all the main finals of and main matches then it really makes every Indian 😥 India has to win the three upcoming ICC cricket world cup

  • N G
    N G

    whats the song

  • Sujay Kumar
    Sujay Kumar

    They deserve it

  • Niventhan Niventhan
    Niventhan Niventhan


  • Birds home
    Birds home

    India deserve wtc but disappointed

  • Shaique Ahamad
    Shaique Ahamad

    Jamession is so underrated

  • Niventhan Niventhan
    Niventhan Niventhan

    Kane king entry wicket is missing


    they lost wcc19 due to a hecckin worst rule but now they won hearts and test championship................ kane's entry was so epic

  • Rupali Parit
    Rupali Parit


  • VivaanzPlayV

    its just so sad

  • Syed Atif Ali
    Syed Atif Ali

    Captain Kane entry was like 🔥

  • Dokkan shorts
    Dokkan shorts

    Williamson and Taylor won heart of Pakistani I am happy I see the full match😅😅😅😅

  • Arpana Das
    Arpana Das

    I am crying India losing for the match 😫😫😭😭😭

  • Temjenyanger Longchar
    Temjenyanger Longchar

    Scam NZ we will end their careers come to India

    • Kane Williamson 22
      Kane Williamson 22

      Your personality is so cheap🤣🤣

    • cd n
      cd n

      Just like how India got pummeled left right and center playing test series in NZ.

    • Royal Boy
      Royal Boy

      Make dust Bowl

  • Abhishek P
    Abhishek P

    Iam an Indian but I am happy with the way both India and New Zealand displayed their game on this final day of the world test championship

  • Naval ffcx Ffff
    Naval ffcx Ffff


  • James Samuel
    James Samuel

    Not Even a million views in a month's time? We know the reason pretty well... Indians can't accept a defeat.


    India will fight with the ball you can guarantee that Next level commentary 😍

  • Arjun

    Sourav Ganguly for India = Brendon McCullum for New Zealand. The gentlemen who revolutionized the brand of cricket in their nations.


    Congratulations kane

  • Mohtassim Fuad
    Mohtassim Fuad

    Great and epic editing.

  • Anubhav Srivastava
    Anubhav Srivastava

    It was just Luck that NZ qualified for finals. They lost to AUS 0-3 well and thorougly . India on the other hand lost to NZ on thier home green wickets, NZ did'nt play any significant team away from home (SL and PAK) . But this time, they will come to India and even India B Team can Beat NZ in India. India has done really well in AUS with main players missing from the team . India don't have good record in England and swinging conditions. It does'nt make them a weak team . Would have they played some practice matches against county XI before WTC as NZ played, Indian bowlers could have made impact ex- Bumrah. He is a great bowler in India and Australia , But IN WTC he did'nt performed a bit. Otherwise, the result would have been different if Ishant and Bumrah would have hit the deck of the pitch. Talking about batting, Pujara could have made the difference by being more attacking rather than being in defence mode. He is known as Test specialist but in the ultimate test, he failed. He failed when ENG came IND in 2021. No centuries even on Home turf as well. This should be noticed that always playing defencive cricket can give you low scores. Conway, Williamson, Taylor have the potential to shift gears, But Pujara can't do it. India has a great bench strength and alternatives for players at each spot from 1-11. If they pick playing 11 wisely, They can win 5-Test Match series against ENG in Aug-Sept.

    • cd n
      cd n

      Fine then, let’s just take it as the cricket god punish India for their action.

    • Rishi Martin
      Rishi Martin

      You're just spitting out pure excuses jealous guy! You simply can't accept that your team was completely outplayed by New Zealand.

  • Mark Saunders
    Mark Saunders

    Most memorable day of my life when England won the CWC in 2019 - but afterwards felt huge sympathy for NZ. So nice to see them get their hands on a trophy :)

  • Rahul indian
    Rahul indian

    Missing Brandon

  • Abhi Rajak
    Abhi Rajak

    The way kohli bullied the crowd I think he does not deserve any trophy in his career


    This was literally one of the most emotional days for Indians like us 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Teach Guru
    Teach Guru

    Nz is best

  • Mahendra Bobade
    Mahendra Bobade

    What's the name of epic background music ?🔥

  • Sandeep Pal
    Sandeep Pal

    1:35 This has been the story of us. But truth is NZ deserved it and wanted it more than us.

  • Shakir Shums
    Shakir Shums

    Dead happy india lost and really happy for the kiwis

  • Pra Kir
    Pra Kir

    Grace won over Ego..

  • Aaron Stanley
    Aaron Stanley

    The person who edited this Video deserves a raise! 🔥Haha

  • rajput boy
    rajput boy

    Ek bar Rohit ko captainship de k dekho.....luck bdal jayega.

  • Lyrics World
    Lyrics World

    3:11 both country enjoy game

  • Ayyan Shahbaz
    Ayyan Shahbaz

    These edits are love please icc make some more if kohli Support a little bit in second Inns i think India can take the title of test championship winners

  • Intellectual 88
    Intellectual 88

    India humiliated once more well nothing changes 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

  • Rohit Rockzz
    Rohit Rockzz

    If India would have won ...this video could have crossed 100 million

  • Rishit silswal
    Rishit silswal

    2:48. You'll start loving Kane

  • Arko Mitra
    Arko Mitra

    Sometimes just sometimes Nice Guys Finish First..... Congratulations Ken Williamson

  • Rithesh S Kotian
    Rithesh S Kotian

    We are indians Disappointed but we thought we give a chance to NewZeland☺

  • Kisan Mallik
    Kisan Mallik

    Bad. Captan. Virat. Kolhi

  • Hemanth Kollu
    Hemanth Kollu

    Epic entry of the king at 2:45

  • Rishit silswal
    Rishit silswal

    I was so happy that I almost jumped out of the balcony. Agony for India. #Ross+#Kane=#Destruction. Most epic video and cricket match of all time. The scene of Kane entering just hit different. It's like a revenge but from ICC and England cause they lost against England and won the first WTC FINAL in England. I am Indian but I was supporting New Zealand. They deserved it.🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂

  • Akash📽️

    Kane Entry was Awesome Love you Kane From India 🇮🇳❤️

  • AT

    Without Kyle Jamieson, this game would have been much much closer.

  • Sai prakash
    Sai prakash

    Kane willamson is goosebumps movement

  • vishnu.s. tiwari
    vishnu.s. tiwari


  • proud  white christian
    proud white christian

    I nnndia humiliated in 3 days

  • Yuvraj Ahuja
    Yuvraj Ahuja

    The Best Tropy Cricket has ever Offered in the hands of the most Deserving Team

  • Johnpaul Kp
    Johnpaul Kp

    This Indian team is not that talented to beat the present NZ squad in test matches

  • Mohamed Suhail Irfan Khazi
    Mohamed Suhail Irfan Khazi

    It was only fitting that NZ won their first ICC tournament with a partnership from Taylor and Williamson, 2 of the greatest servants of NZ cricket.

  • 049_Parv Singh
    049_Parv Singh

    Finally an international trophy for Ross taylor

  • Romy Videos
    Romy Videos

    Kohli just shows too much aggression Rohit should be captain

  • Romy Videos
    Romy Videos

    Irresponsible Rishabh Pant

  • Abdul Ahad
    Abdul Ahad

    My dream has come true, New Zealand cricket team champion against mighty India in a neutral venue...

  • Snap FX
    Snap FX

    The editor of this video should get Oscar 😇😇

  • Sohaib Khalid
    Sohaib Khalid

    Caption Kane and his best

  • Talha Rafiq
    Talha Rafiq

    Love to watch asian team in wtc final ...india you beauty love from neighbor country pakistan🇵🇰

  • Gyandeep Kashyap
    Gyandeep Kashyap

    Just pumping his hand in his ego does not bring world cup . Mr. Kohli.


    After 2013, india did not win any icc event trophy.

  • Lakshmi Siva Rama Krishna Talluri
    Lakshmi Siva Rama Krishna Talluri

    2:47 was absolutly goosepums

  • Kartheek royal
    Kartheek royal

    Kane Williamson entry is a Epic

  • Arpit Tariyal
    Arpit Tariyal

    This is edited fine , yu know F I N E

  • Umar Farooq
    Umar Farooq

    Bahut achcha laga India ki haar 😝🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Sinhalaya

    Nz love from🇱🇰

  • Arpit Tariyal
    Arpit Tariyal

    To the future generations this is M A S T E R P I E C E 👍👀


    What's a documentary about day 6 in ICC test champion final match.!!

  • Prîñçê Áslâm
    Prîñçê Áslâm

    Congrats Newziland But mujhe koi btao Ijaz patel india sa hai 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Udr badi khushi hui hai isko 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • ༒ മിന്നൽ OGGY✓
    ༒ മിന്നൽ OGGY✓

    Who is Dangerous team in icc👇👇 New zealnd😎🔥

  • Pop Up Pasanga
    Pop Up Pasanga

    Williamson's that smile ♥️✨

  • Dr Shahela Hossain
    Dr Shahela Hossain

    2:42 the best part

  • Caroline Berryman
    Caroline Berryman


  • Yash Yadav
    Yash Yadav

    Virat ki chhuti karo

  • Snahendu Das
    Snahendu Das

    The flashback moment is great

  • Rostam

    I can't stop laughing when Virat kohli Fire's up with Williamson LBW and then original decision turns to Not Out🤣🤣

  • Ujjal Bhattacharjee
    Ujjal Bhattacharjee

    virender sehwag should come back

  • kąlsjzj

    The lack of people in the stands, , probably because of covid, dampens a win that should have been loud and boisterous or am I just being pedantic

  • 『SG』ᴅʜᴀɴᴜꜱʜ࿐

    Kane Williamson after winning 🙂 Kane Williamson after loosing 🙂 Virat Kohli after winning 🤬 Virat kohli after loosing 🤬


    India is always destroyed by newzeland team , great bowling attack especially swing bowling amazing

  • Sarita Uniyal
    Sarita Uniyal

    The first half state that chokers are chokers always

  • Sarita Uniyal
    Sarita Uniyal

    Ross Taylor big match player

  • Sarmad Kiyani
    Sarmad Kiyani

    Those flashbacks when Williamson was making his way to the ground that was pure movie stuff

  • Shahzad klasra Vlogs
    Shahzad klasra Vlogs

    I love Williamson as a batsman as a cricketor as a captain as a teammate and as a man.

  • Ezaj ur rahman
    Ezaj ur rahman

    Fun Fact : Ajaz Patel is an Indian.😅😅

  • Mizan Mia
    Mizan Mia

    I am Very Happy

  • Arun Chaubey
    Arun Chaubey

    Can anyone tell me the name of that background music??🙏