न्यूज़ीलैंड बने 2021 वर्ल्ड टेस्ट चैंपियनशिप के विजेता - हाइलाइट्स

  • R I D E R  F F ✓
    R I D E R F F ✓

    4:44 we take revenge my dear newzealand Fan's 🔥 Welcome in India I take revenge like 4:44 Just see ok done 😎

  • TikTok Videos And WhatsApp Status
    TikTok Videos And WhatsApp Status

    Congrats New Zeland ❤️❤️

  • Vivek Gaur
    Vivek Gaur

    Is bande ki awaz se nafrat ho gayi hai.

  • Manas Dhawan
    Manas Dhawan

    Hypocrisy of ICC: showed Taylor's dropped catch at slip when NZ needed 55, but didn't show Pant's dropped catch at slip when Pant was on 4, and he made 43

    • Manas Dhawan
      Manas Dhawan

      @McNacys Indian fans ko false dream mein sulaaye rakhne ke liye

    • McNacys

      Hypocrisy kya hai isme... Hindi me title likhe hai ab aur kya chahiye aur commentary bhi

  • Tanuj Gupta
    Tanuj Gupta

    i dont like this commentary - even watching the match in eng commentary is also good than this commentary of akash . this is called business . icc do this only for extra profit

  • K B Gaming
    K B Gaming

    What Hindi title ? I thought it was fake ICC .

  • Md Irfan Raza Amjadi
    Md Irfan Raza Amjadi


  • R Sarathi
    R Sarathi

    Ada cha draw match poi loss panitanga 😔😔😔

  • Hafiz Muneeb ur rehman
    Hafiz Muneeb ur rehman

    Had ha hindi yaha bhi iska matlab waqa hi icc matlab indian cricket board icc fixed ha😔🤬

  • Fickle Tickle
    Fickle Tickle

    Dear ICC Indians ko English aata h Hindi ki maa behan krne ki jarurat nhi h

  • Zoya Khan
    Zoya Khan

    Koi baat nhi newzeland ko ghar bulake paytm series jeet lenge 😁😁😁

  • Pritam Patil
    Pritam Patil

    Kane Williamson ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mhmd Minhaj
    Mhmd Minhaj

    New Zealand is the best team in the world

  • Riveting GK
    Riveting GK


  • Fareedh Dasthakeer
    Fareedh Dasthakeer

    Well Ball Jamieson 2021 T 20 New Zealand win Loading....🤙

  • Anand Sharma
    Anand Sharma

    But sad that is india lost final.

  • Sachin Kumar Raghuvanshi
    Sachin Kumar Raghuvanshi

    I hate his commentary

  • rang hazarika
    rang hazarika

    india has lost a icc tournament final. i have very sad

  • Malik Nadeem
    Malik Nadeem

    Icc cricket world cup 2019 real champion is New Zealand not England And icc world test championship champion is New Zealand Well done New Zealand From Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • dua bhatti
    dua bhatti

    Introduce cricket to Madagascar and popularize cricket there. Build new cricket stadiums there with the Madagascar government and set up the Madagascar Cricket Board. Help the Madagascar government build an international cricket team and promote Madagascar cricket. Give loans and funds to the government of Madagascar which will also benefit the ICC and provide an amazing entertainment to cricket fans around the world and will also benefit small teams including Namibia, Kenya, Scotland, Hong Kong, Nepal, Canada, USA, UAE, Uganda and Malaysia will also benefit a lot but the ICC will have to consider the matter immediately and start work. 🇲🇬 🇲🇬 🇲🇬

  • Debasis Panda
    Debasis Panda

    India is a Dhara team

  • R Sarathi
    R Sarathi

    Nz lucky playing 2 match series but into the final

  • Naman Garg
    Naman Garg

    Americans have played GOLF on Moon, but ICC cannot even use weather forecasting to before declaring dates of the ULTIMATE TEST.

  • BOGRAR Chol
    BOGRAR Chol

    Icc =#indian_cricket_council

  • Passion Of  Cricket
    Passion Of Cricket


  • Abu Hamdan
    Abu Hamdan


  • ashish prajapati
    ashish prajapati

    hardik & krunal pandya need to remove from team india ,this player are are just fucking ass hole for new good talented players,give chance to new players ,old players only play in ipl ,not for india

  • Sinhala music hits සිංහල මියුසික් හිට්ස්
    Sinhala music hits සිංහල මියුසික් හිට්ස්


    • Lei Wan
      Lei Wan

      Lol can't even with with India B team cry some more

    • royal1diamonds1

      Lol.. jealously

  • Balram Sharma
    Balram Sharma

    The way Indians behave after their loose I'm very proud that I'm an Indian

  • Usman Ali
    Usman Ali

    End ma comentry waly ki hwa nikal gai


    Virat Kohli is best captain of industry 👍👍👍

  • sri venkata naga chaitanya
    sri venkata naga chaitanya

    Kohlicant get century till 6yeatsdvttq

  • Umar Junaid
    Umar Junaid

    MRfor is dirt

  • Stith Smeve
    Stith Smeve


  • Mr. Shader
    Mr. Shader

    Wc final was like force win to new zealand. They were playing in English condition with england more than 1 month before world cup and india who didn't played after ipl more than 2 month directly playing one match that is world cup. Icc should look in to this matter and give both the teams equal stay and playing time in the same condition before organising another test world cup. This is not fair to india like team. No doubt new zealand played well but india also should get fair chances to play in English condition like them. Then the scenario could have been interesting

  • ds

    Very disappointed performance from bumrah

  • Adithyan Santhosh
    Adithyan Santhosh

    Please avoid 10 team system in ICC World Cup...😞.Atleast 20 team should be there....Should support other teams too..

  • Rupesh

    Durham cricket is waiting....! 🤗🤗🤗

  • Abir Mahadi
    Abir Mahadi

    Why icc is broadcasting on hindi? Does icc= Indian cricket council?

  • Manshu Singh
    Manshu Singh


  • rupam raje
    rupam raje

    even though .. I am an Indian, I still have a big doubt that WHY THE HELL CAPTION IS IN HINDI ??!! come on guys .. even if india would have won, still the caption had to be in ENGLISH only ... As ICC is an international body 💯



  • Amit Yadav
    Amit Yadav

    myja koi dukh nhai ke india ya final hare

  • Venkatesh Kavali
    Venkatesh Kavali


  • Venkatesh Kavali
    Venkatesh Kavali

    🇮🇳. 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Ghanshyam Bariya
    Ghanshyam Bariya

    Boss Taylor's best batsman in the world 😘😘

  • Taj Mohammad
    Taj Mohammad

    ❤️❤️ Love You Mahi sir ❤️🙏💯

  • Taj Mohammad
    Taj Mohammad

    ❤️❤️ I am a bigra fan MSD ❤️🙏💯

  • Dipak Kumar Mishra
    Dipak Kumar Mishra

    New Zealand is always noob india is god

  • Javed Khan
    Javed Khan

    Use less jadeja in final

  • T P
    T P

    Kane Williamson is the best Captain in the world at the moment and also the best batsman in the world at the moment..

  • T P
    T P

    After India,NZ is my favourite..And always wanted NZ to win the ICC Odi WC2019 final..Things were very unfair to them..I don't consider England winners to that final at all..

  • T P
    T P

    @ICC,New Zealand is winner,Show some respect to them why still trying to please India by giving titles in Hindi..It should be in universal language..I am Indian but protest this..This is wrong..

  • T P
    T P

    I think ICC is not happy that New Zealand won the ICC WTC..Didn't even congratulate them..No videos,no photos on ICC's official MRfor channel for New Zealand's win.. Sad..! And even India lost,still trying to please India by giving titles of videos in Hindi..

  • Indian Cricket
    Indian Cricket

    Congratulations team new zealand,! But well played india..!!!


    india played far better than the kiwis.Newzealand won just by luck.They only deserve heartbreaks they are rude.

  • Saad atif
    Saad atif


  • Lipas Naik
    Lipas Naik

    Ye hindi commentary baad me dubbing hui hai sayad, pura match kia akash chopra hi commentary kr rha tha kia?!

  • Harsh Manocha
    Harsh Manocha

    Sach bol rha hu itni bekar commtary

  • Yasir Imran
    Yasir Imran

    Brilliant fabulous and gentle cricket.this only can do kiwi's.well done.respect from Pakistan.

  • Jeevanantham M
    Jeevanantham M

    Is this Official ICC channel..? Why the hell you guys uploaded hindi version? And you guys using Hindi in the title also. We are also indians who never speak hindi. We are from south who doesn't belong to hindi. Please Upload further videos in common language English. If you continue to upload in Hindi then change ur channel name into "ICCUttarPradesh". Or else create more official channels in major indian languages like tamil, kannada, telugu, malayalam, marathi and Bengali.


    Semifinal in wc 2019 in rain on reserve day newzealand wins that is same now so that told us that newzealand cannont beat India if rain don't coms

  • Gaming point
    Gaming point

    😭😭😭🥺🥺🥺🥺 But Ind vs NZ T20 matches Ind 5-0 Nz

  • Bhaswanth Reddy
    Bhaswanth Reddy

    Virat Kohli ❤️

  • sai subhankar behera
    sai subhankar behera

    Are Pakistan England C team se harta hai 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Abhimanyu D
    Abhimanyu D

    Khoob note chhaap raha hai chopra 🤣

  • sks2003

    ICC has turned into Indian Cricket Council😂

  • S N
    S N

    Why the fukk is this in Hindi? Hindi is not even an Indian language. Hindi is an immigrant language developed by the Afghan Mughals. Kannadiga here

    • S N
      S N

      @nirupam then why is this video in Hindi ? We Kannadigas don't speak ur fukkin Hindi,

    • nirupam

      @S N India is democratic country. You can't force to anyone to speak a specific language.

    • S N
      S N

      @nirupam Speak In Kannada

    • nirupam

      @S N "Grow up kid. And kindly study your history book, please."

    • S N
      S N

      @nirupam speak Kannada. Indian language. Be Indian. Don't be a Pakistani by speaking Urdu and Hindi

  • ART Creations
    ART Creations


  • Will Society accept me cause I only score 0 runs
    Will Society accept me cause I only score 0 runs

    Waiting for this

  • Rajdeep Das
    Rajdeep Das

    New Zealand score the ever lowest innings total in history of test cricket is 26, nowadays they are the 1st world champion of test cricket . It's really unbelievable

  • Jatin Chanana
    Jatin Chanana

    Virat ne kya sochkar khela tha woh shot . I mean he is a very great player lekin woh shot toh khela hi tha edge lagane ke liye

  • Shoaib Cricket Lover
    Shoaib Cricket Lover

    India always made for losing semi's and finals. So they are called world best chokers 🤣🤣🤣💯💯

    • sai subhankar behera
      sai subhankar behera

      Are Pakistan England c team se harta hai

  • A.K

    Icc should post video of combined catches by Indian women cricket team. Harleen Deol's boundary catch, Smriti and harman's running catches. Please

  • Ultimate Guru
    Ultimate Guru

    Indian fans are made at bumrah not getting a single wicket

  • Kamali_official

    Don't worry...Wait T20WC...💥

    • Priyansh Kumar
      Priyansh Kumar

      😂😂😂😂😂 SEMI FINAL OR FINAL??? 😂😂😂

  • nausheen shaik
    nausheen shaik

    Vk fans

  • nausheen shaik
    nausheen shaik

    Ma bharat mata

  • nausheen shaik
    nausheen shaik

    Iam a Indian fan

  • 5 minute craft
    5 minute craft

    Jyada views nahi hai kyuki indian fans nahi dekh sakte ye match 😉

  • Asim Qazi
    Asim Qazi

    Look indian fans you have lost the WTC final that s why you are saying things like that


    Catch pakda hota to kadach nz ke upar presar aata

  • Provat Roy
    Provat Roy

    Only for the weather of England we loose two trophies.....icc CWC 2019 & Wtc 🙁🙄

    • Provat Roy
      Provat Roy

      @Loki- God Of Mischief haan bhai uss din team ne accha nhi kya..... I'm fully agree with you......tum hi bolo jab best vs best khelta tab toh India bhi har sakta hai

    • Loki- God Of Mischief
      Loki- God Of Mischief

      Day 6 mai weather to sab thik tha🤦🤦🤦

    • Provat Roy
      Provat Roy

      Bhai cwc 2019 semi-final kya a bhi excuse hai 🙄

    • Priyansh Kumar
      Priyansh Kumar

      Good excuse

  • AB devilliers superfan
    AB devilliers superfan

    English commentary is 🔥🔥🔥 Aakash chopra commentary is 😬😬😬

  • Avinash Jadhav
    Avinash Jadhav

    I am indian but I love the way New Zealand their constiency superb

  • srm max
    srm max

    Wtf ICC = Indian Cricket Counsil? Did I subscribe the wrong channel?😂😂

  • Darshil Khatri
    Darshil Khatri

    koi band karao isko, pak gye he commentry se iski repeat match me


    21 साल.. 2021 में पूरा हुआ... New Zealand...

  • Saroj Kc
    Saroj Kc


  • Prakash Nandi
    Prakash Nandi

    The condition of pitches are similar in Newzealand and England that's why they had the advantage. Come to India and win any a series I am 200% sure you will not win any series in next 100 years.

    • ravi mahawar981
      ravi mahawar981

      Bhai ye kuch jyada ni ho gaya 100 saal , kya tak tum rahoge , confident hona accha bat h BT over confidence nahi , Jo do team khelti h to ek tho harti hi h , agar koi Ind ko Ind m hara de tho kya kahoge , ESA tho h hi nahi ki Ind ghar m kabhi harega hi nahi , or India sirf 2 inning m apni khrab short se match hara , or Ind ki pehla match harne hi aadat h , bcci ki galat h ki unhone practise match nahi krwaye , or nz ne tho nahi kaha tha ki final eng m krwao , nz win desarve krta h kyuki WO us din accha khele , playing 11 se ground PR perform tak sab India se avvha tha unka , aap ab tak kitna accha khelte aaye ho ye jyada matter nahi krta aap us din kitna accha khelte ho ye jaruri h ,tho enjoy cricket n appriciate winning team affort

  • Manoj Shankhwar
    Manoj Shankhwar

    Excellent new Zealand has won the world championship 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Virot Coolie
    Virot Coolie

    ICC feels Indians can't understand English 😔😔 But the truth is Hindustani bhagwa ucha lehraayega

  • Ankur Cricketer
    Ankur Cricketer


  • Moien Ahmed Ahmed
    Moien Ahmed Ahmed

    New Zealand is best congratulations

  • Mukesh Kumar
    Mukesh Kumar

    Super hero

  • Ali Jivani
    Ali Jivani

    Itni gandi commentary

  • Majeda Begum
    Majeda Begum


  • Dineshkumar Modiya
    Dineshkumar Modiya

    Agali bar fad dalega india 😈

  • the rummy King
    the rummy King

    Ye hamari Indian team ke Khiladi ko to show off se fursat nhi h ladkiyao ki gaand me ghuss jate h sale jitnge loda

  • Edits_by_Minal

    Title means