Meet the ICC Hall of Famers: Desmond Haynes | 'A great character, a great batsman'

  • movie team kannada
    movie team kannada

    Legendary openers Desmond Haynes and Gordon greenidge.and the whole west indies team of 70s-80s era is legend

  • Rohit Kane
    Rohit Kane

  • abinith gowli
    abinith gowli

    Grenidge and Haynes were from a different league all together!!

  • Ayush king
    Ayush king

    Greenidge ,hitter (destructive) Haynes(calm,defensive,strong defence,anchor)

  • blackhound rise
    blackhound rise

    I wish they released Greenidge and Haynes profiles at same time

  • YO yo
    YO yo


  • Aman Goyal
    Aman Goyal

    Plz watch My 1 minute short Thriller film

  • Ravindra Jadeja
    Ravindra Jadeja

    Who all are eagerly waiting for Eng VS IND test series?

    • wycliffe Fahie
      wycliffe Fahie

      I am "Rock Star"

  • KL Rahul
    KL Rahul

    Who are eagerly waiting for T20 World Cup

  • Ravindra Jadeja
    Ravindra Jadeja

    “My goal is not to be better than anyone else, but to be better then I used to be.” ― MS Dhoni

  • Ravindra Jadeja
    Ravindra Jadeja

    Jaddu fans attentdance here

  • Ravindra Jadeja
    Ravindra Jadeja

    Jaddu fans attendance here


    Virat kohli fans attendance here🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  • Aadesh A
    Aadesh A

    First comment

  • Aadesh A
    Aadesh A

    He is a awesome and fantastic player. A beautiful strokemaker

  • Smart Study Abhi
    Smart Study Abhi

    First comment,

    • Aadesh A
      Aadesh A

      I gave the first comment

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